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Mr^p^ mIRC Script

General : Protections, Services, lots of popups, utilities, games, Mp3 System, channel scanners, mass commands, away system, help system, a lot of extra stuff And much more. Additionals : Bots (Inviter,Scramble,Spy, ect..), Alarm System, Sockets cloning system and much more.
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Mr^p^ is an old mIRC script that’s ideal for online surfing on newest IRC World to obtain a unique professional look (still). It’s built for daily communicating, displaying colorred text and is easily configured settings even for a beginner IRC user. This script really stands out from the rest with it’s color scheme and built in features. check out the live screenshot demo to see what's a nice looking this script is.
However, the script was made in Indonesian, if you think that you are not too familiar with their language then just find and pick up what's the good one for you (see the mirc script listed on the side bar), or if you still want to try this one, below are some informations you could check before trying to download it from my own link:

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File Author: Indra Praja
File Added: Saturday, 16 July 2022
Last Updated: Saturday, 16 July 2022
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