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This is a nice mIRC with many features. Emoticons, Media player, favorite channels manager, notify list manager, query blocker (gate keeper), YouTube support, channel protections, flood protections, custom toolbar/menubar, OP Control Panel, Troll Smasher, Color Cut Script, CD Tray opener and more!
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mIRC DeluXe has a extensive online help center, and can be accessed with the /dxhelp command.

THIS SCRIPT REQUIRES: mIRC v6.35+ Windows XP+ and DirectX 9.0+ without ALL THREE of these items the program will not work.


1.6.00 Changes: First public release! 3 different editions will shortly be available. Final Fantasy Edition (Special Edition), Professional Killer Edition (Special Edition), DeluXe Lite 1.6 (normal edition). Visit website for more info on editions. Fixed a few more bugs, recoded new Troll Smasher II, recoded black list, added SpamGuard 1.0 (non-lite versions only) added Google Search (non-lite versions only), added new online help center. New graphics! Also added a check for updates feature, that will check for patches or new versions of mIRC DeluXe!

1.5.84 Changes: Fixed the last of the quirks in the favorite channels auto-join (hopefuly), small media player bug fixes, another emoticon bug fix (from error in 1.5.83). And squashed a couple quirks here and there.

1.5.83 Changes: Fixed many media player bugs now DeluXe Media Player 1.05 beta. Fixed menubar bug when selecting mIRC options. Turned on show mode prefix. Fixed YouTube scanner bug. Fixed server notice event. Fixed a few typos. Recoded away system and changed it to DCX.dll instead of MDX.dll. Modified IAL Checker. Recoded Favorite Channels list with DCX instead of MDX. Fixed a feq quirks here and there.

1.5.82 Changes: Fixed emoticon bug, Fixed right click on nick list bug, fixed server list bug in options menu, added YouTube scanner, added multiple file uploader to the Media player, recoded whois script, updated help file, fixed YouTube and Join "nothing on enter" bug, added /j command, fixed (hopefuly) server notice bug, fixed favorite channel auto join bug added CD Tray opener

1.5.81 Changes: Fixed user interface auto-rename bug added enable feature to user interface, set away dialog on desktop, added DNS to active window, added emoticons, fixed OPCP bugs, fixed ¯°º·º°¯ DeluXe Lite ¯°º·º°¯ fullname bug, modified nick list colors, updated help file.

1.5.8 Changes: Fixed Troll Smasher colors bug, fixed user interface auto identify bug.

1.5.7 Changes: Made it "lite" removed RPGenerator added Troll Smasher, fix a few small bugs and removed need for loading screen on start up.

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