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Andaris is a Script/Addon for the IRC client "KVIrc".

This allows you to optimize and customize your favorite IRC client.


  • Nick previous, clone detector,, mass action.
  • Colorization of nicknames following gender, Anti-Pv, away system, anti-idle, auto-limit, quiz, Antispam Pv.
  • Impact of the banns laid, HL window, moderator, slaps, quoteur, writing colors.
  • Operators notices - voices, amsg, soul.
  • Averto - Kick - kickban preconfigure with various reasons, improved whois, LagBar, autovoice, auto-join.
  • Sounds on events, configurable answering machine, configurable highlights, blacklist, Voice Weak, rapidoquizz.
  • Protections: Anti - clones, Mass joins, Notices, Private, Chan Notices with the possibility of putting exceptions.

And of course, always the avatars and smileys that are specific to KVirc.

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Chain (Posted Monday, 18 July 2022)