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mIRC v7.71 has been released


mIRC v7.71 has been released today.

This is a small update that adds features and addresses a number of issues reported by users since the last release. It includes improvements, changes and fixes, including:

Changed the way Windows system libraries are loaded to prevent DLL hijacking.
Added tray tip warning on startup if mIRC has been minimized to the system tray but Windows has hidden its icon.
Fixed colons being stripped out of nick, alternative nick, user, emails, /nick, and server list entries.
Fixed /hsave -i intermittent crash bug caused by a data race / race condition across multiple threads.
Changed CTCP PING to not reply to text containing CTCP control codes to mitigate NAT-AGAIN Linux kernel NAT bug (CVE-2022-2663).
Fixed tab key evaluation of identifiers in editboxes that contain multiple CR/LF-delimited lines.
Fixed nested single-line while loop break bug.
Fixed /socklisten -pu with UPnP, IPv6 address, and dual stack not opening an IPv4 UPnP port on the router.
Fixed Aero theme bug where if /window +b was used, a miniature titlebar was being drawn.
Fixed alternative nick bug when left empty in connect dialog.
Updated CA root certificates cacert.pem file.

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