IRC for Coders

Curious to know if people still use IRC?


dijit 9 months ago []

Every day,

It's become a social network of sorts for geeks, despite the age of the protocol I still find it the least "invasive" and most friendly experience, but that's probably because I spent the time configuring a client that's nice for me. (preview: )

I run a network even, called darkscience and it's available at (TLS only on port 6697) the lobby is #darkscience

ircs:// (for those that can parse the url!).

Everyone here is welcome to join us of course, but we put a high emphasis on civility.

What I like is that the clients were written years ago and weigh almost nothing. I can leave them running in the background on even the wimpiest trash netbook and it doesn't care.

Compare to Slack or Signal or Discord where the client is some half a gig chomping behemoth that spins up the CPU fans constantly.

I thought I was the only crazy person that hates anything that spins up a fan on my laptop. Why Java sets of fans when I spin up anything (even an empty spring project) in my IDE I just dont understand. Even IntelliJ and eclipse with no project loaded seem to set off the fan.

Personally; I can forgive an IDE, depending on what I'm doing (just viewing source shouldn't be spinning my fans).

But debugging, deep code inspection and so on are complex features used by specialists.

Slack is designed to be used by everyone; thus I don't give it as much of a pass. Because if everyone in my company is using a CPU core and 1GiB of memory to just talk to people then that's a very high actual cost of resources.

Just like you can forgive specialist software in other areas (final cut, photoshop, CAD) taking significant resources.

Tools designed to be used by everyone should be lean, optimised and feature complete. In my opinion.

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