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mIRC Korona Script


- [NOTE] Since I've released my Script to public, I've never made it shareware and I will not,

even though none of you has donated me at least $1 for the effort and the work I have done.

Because I am programming my script in Windows 10 only, I have restricted the script to be used

only on Windows 10, because between Windows 10 and the rest there are even major differences

(for example: Smiles that are based on Unicode 6.0 and above is not working in Windows 7,

Task Manager also is not working due to the fact that wmic in Windows 10 has a different syntax

in comparison with Windows 7 and so on), I have no time and desire to adjust my script for all

operating systems, because it's a lot of work.

It's a hobby for me to make scripts, to improve them, to be proud that others use it,

but I realize that mIRC is a little dead, few in all these years contacted me to thank me

or to give me any suggestion, ideas on the script. I realize that I'm losing many days doing

the same thing 3-4 times to adjust for all operating systems, basically, instead of doing just

once for a single operating system I work in. I'm asking for thousands of apologies for those

who consider these bad news (I really do not even know if there is someone using my script in

Windows 7 or 8/8.1), but this is my final decision. That or those who will insist to include

in support Windows 7, 8/8.1, for example, have only to pay my work (which will not be cheap at all).

I want to put in attention one more time that I guarantee that my script will always be freeware

using the given conditions.

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