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Simple One Man Spam Prevention Bot

on @*:TEXT:*:#*:{ noop $flood_counter $repeat_counter($1-)   }
on @*:ACTION:*:#*:{ noop $flood_counter $repeat_counter($1-) }
on *:NICK:{
  var %table flood , %timeframe 300 , %wilditem $+(*!,$fulladdress)
  while ($hfind(%table,%wilditem,1,w)) {
    hdel %table $v1
    hadd -u $+ %timeframe %table $puttok($v1,$newnick,3,33)

  var %timeframe2 300 , %table1 repeat.text , %table2 repeat.count , %wilditem $+(*!,$fulladdress)
  while ($hfind(%table1,%wilditem,1,w)) {
    var %a $puttok($v1,$newnick,2,33)
    hadd -u $+ %timeframe2 %table1 %a $hget(%table1,$v1)
    hadd -u $+ %timeframe2 %table2 %a $hget(%table2,$v1)
    hdel %table1 $v1
    hdel %table2 $v1


alias -l repeat_counter {
  var %timeframe2 300 , 3 , %table1 repeat.text , %table2 repeat.count
  var %text $lower($strip($1))

  if (!$hget(%table1)) { hmake %table1 101 }
  if (!$hget(%table2)) { hmake %table2 101 }
  var %item $+($chan,!,$fulladdress)
  var %a $hget(%table1,%item)
  if ((%a == $null) || (%a != %text)) {
    hadd -u $+ %timeframe2 %table1 %item %text
    hadd -u $+ %timeframe2 %table2 %item 1

  var %secs $hget(%table1,%item).unset | if (!%secs) var %secs %timeframe2
  hinc -u $+ %timeframe2 %table2 %item
  var %count $hget(%table2,%item)

  if (%count >= {
    echo 4 -a $nick has repeated %count times within %timeframe2 seconds. Action goes in here


alias -l flood_counter {
  var %timeframe 300 , %max.messages 5 , %table flood
  if (!$hget(%table)) { hmake %table 101 | hadd %table counter 1 }
  var %counter $hget(%table,counter) | hinc %table counter 1
  var %item $+(%counter,!,$chan,!,$fulladdress) , %wilditem $+(*!,$chan,!,$fulladdress)
  hadd -u $+ %timeframe %table %item | var %msg_count $hfind(%table,%wilditem,0,w)
  echo -s debug message: $nick has %msg_count messages in the last %timeframe seconds
  if (%msg_count >= %max.messages) {
    echo 4 -s action to take against $nick in $chan goes inside these brackets

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Channel Closure Script

; Oper Tools for TheArkNet
; by Raccoon 2019

; This script assumes that opers are not subject to excess flood disconnect.
; You can access this tool from menu by right-clicking the channel chat area.
; Actions are logged to operclosechan.log
; Example: /operclosechan #badchan You guys are misbehaving!

; /OperCloseChan <#channel_name> <reason_required>
ALIAS OperCloseChan {
  var %chan = $1, %reason = $2-
  if (!%chan) { echo -atic notice * Usage: /OperCloseChan #channel_name This channel is closed due to violation. | return }
  if (!%reason) { echo 4 -ati * OperCloseChan: You MUST specify a reason for closing the channel! | return }
  if ($left(%chan,1) !isin $chantypes) { echo 4 -ati * OperCloseChan: %chan is an invalid channel name! | return }
  if ($me !ison %chan) {
    set -eu10 %_operclosechan. $+ %chan %reason
    !JOIN %chan
  ; -----
  MSG %chan This channel has been determined to be in violation of the terms of service for this network and is being closed. $&
    If you have any questions please join #Help and speak to an IRCop.  (Reason: %reason $+ )
  CS DROP %chan %chan
  MODE %chan +muski $regsubex(randomstring,$str(x,10),/x/g,$r(a,z))
  PART %chan
  echo -stic info * OperCloseChan: Closed channel %chan for %reason
  write operclosechan.log $asctime %chan %reason
} ; by Raccoon 2019

; End of /NAMES (you joined a channel)
RAW 366:*: {
  var %chan = $2
  if ($($+(%,_operclosechan.,%chan),2)) {
    unset $+(%,_operclosechan.,%chan)
    OperCloseChan %chan $v1
  ; ...
} ; by Raccoon 2019

MENU Channel {
  Oper Tools
  .Close Channel: {
    OperCloseChan $&
      $$input(Enter channel to permanently close.,ews,$active,Oper Tools: Close Channel,$active) $&
      $$input(Enter reason for closing the channel.,ews,$active,Oper Tools: Close Channel)
; by Raccoon 2019

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IRC network attacks continue

The free Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network run by the Undernet is continuing to be assaulted by distributed denial-of-service attacks, leading some of the companies that operate the groupís servers to terminate their hosting agreements.In an updated notice posted Thursday on its Web site, the Undernetís administrators said itís still uncertain when they will be able to restore the IRC network to full working order. The networks of the Internet service providers that host Undernet servers in the...

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