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Happy Birthday chain!!

Happy 60th Birthday to our very own chain. May your day be filled with love and family OLDMAN!!!

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How do I connect to rooms using IRC Client?


order to authenticate an account on the Chat Network using an IRC client, you first must create an account and join a room with it using the web chat. Then you can connect with your IRC client and authenticate using the following structure.

on ^*:logon:*: {
.raw USER $me $me $me : My Connection
.raw LOGINH <email address> <password in md5 format>

ircWx using % in room names. ie: %#channelname. ircWx also supports spaces in channel names. Spaces are replaced by \b in IRC Clients. ie: %#My\bChannel

cd2 is for basic connections. cd1 requires a socket connection and edits to localwrite

ircWx uses [style] codes. You can strip them with the following regsubex

$regsubex($1-, /\[(?:style\x20.*?|/style)\]/gi,$null)


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IRC-Community Chat

New chat server using IRCWX Has Been opened hoping to get IRC Users to come on and help us Develop the chat in a more user friendly way.IRCWX can be improved in so many ways that it can stand out and be a better community for Developers or just chatters looking for a useful and easy access to chatting. This server in question is owned by a Private Person and has err0r doing the design aspect and Wes doing server aspects and Chain advertising and greeting the chatters.This server is a no room...

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