IRC for Coders

Multi-owner script


1. Press alt+r to bring up script window.
2. Go to File > New
3. Paste code from box above into the window.
4. Replace with your channel name.
5. Right-click on the nick you want to add/delete.
6. Find "Owners", and click to add/delete them or list all the users in the database.
7.Jason stinks. You have to be connected to one of those irc server things.
8. Make sure you have ownermode set on your channel. (/msg chanserv set #channel ownermode on)

Auto-owner v1.0

on *:start: { hload ownertable owners.txt }

on * { if ($find(ownertable,$nick)) { mode $chan +q $nick } }

menu nicklist {


.Add: {

if (!$hget(ownertable)) { hmake ownertable 10 }

if ($hfind(ownertable,$1)) { echo -a 07 $+ $timestamp *** User $1 already exists in the owner database. }

else {

hadd ownertable $1 1

hsave -a ownertable owners.txt

echo -a 07 $+ $timestamp *** User $1 added to the owner database.



.Del: {

if ($hfind(ownertable,$1)) { hdel ownertable $1 | echo -a 07 $+ $timestamp *** User $1 removed from the owner database. }

else { echo -a 7 $+ $timestamp *** User $1 not found in the owner database. }



.List: {

if ($hget(ownertable,0).item == 0) { echo -a 07 $+ $timestamp *** No users currently exist in the owner database. | halt }

echo -a 7 $+ $timestamp *** Users that are set to be auto +q'd:

var %ownernum = $hget(ownertable,0).item

while (%ownernum) {

echo -a 07 $+ $timestamp *** $calc($hget(ownertable,0).item - %ownernum + 1) $+ . $hget(ownertable,%ownernum).item

dec %ownernum


echo -a 7 $+ $timestamp *** End of list. $hget(ownertable,0).item $+ $iif($hget(ownertable,0).item == 1,user,users) $iif($hget(ownertable,0).item == 1,exists,exist) in the owner database.




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Eggdrop v1.9.0 Release Candidate 2

A new ident module with oidentd supportThe listen command now takes an optional IP; allowing you to listen on multiple IPs at the same timeISUPPORT / RAW 005 parsing is now possible. There is still work to be done in the future to automatically integrate some of these values into how Eggdrop interacts with the server, but for now they are available for you to use via the Tcl interfaceA significant change from RC1 based on feedback: What was previously the addserver/delserver Tcl command in RC1...

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Getting ReadyWe recommend that use you use a *unix system to run CloudBot in production, or Vagrant when developing CloudBot. However, it is possible to install natively on Windows.First, make sure you have Python 3.6 or higher installed. It can be downloaded at, you need to install pip.You can usually install pip via the following python command in cmd:python3 -m ensurepip If that doesn't work, follow this guide and then run easy_install pip in cmd.DownloadingDownload CloudBot...

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