IRC for Coders

Our Server & Website

Ongoing work on server and websites have been steady and been quite productive. Eyecu continues to update server and now is looking at various methods for people who like to chat but cannot use IRC Clients.err0r continues to work on the server site  and is doing a hell of a fantanstic job. We have also established a room now called coders-irc-lounge our primary room.

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Welcome to the Coders-IRC Network


Welcome to the Coders-IRC Network. We have decided to change the network name and have this dedicated website for Coders-IRC.Here you will find information pertaining to the IRC Network. 

Connection Information: 6667 non-ssl Newark NJ USA Server 6697 ssl Newark NJ USA Server 6667 non-ssl London England Server 6697 ssl London England Server

Round Robin 6667 non-ssl 6697 ssl

For general scripting and irc support for all networks visit our sister site Coders-Resources


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